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Vaccine mandates are mobilising the opposition

It’s probably safe to argue that Donald Trump lost his re-election due to his failed handling of Covid-19. I believe he would have been re-elected if he had – at least – taken Covid-19 serious. It’s probably also safe to argue that Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are mobilising the Republican opposition (eg, AP).

AP, 2 November 2021: “A closely contested race for governor in Virginia entered its final hours Monday with Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin both hoping for last-minute momentum amid a contest that’s emerging as a referendum on Joe Biden’s presidency.” Note: bold marking by LO.

On 3 November it became clear that the Democrats lost Virginia. Moreover, “Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey was virtually deadlocked in his bid to win reelection in a state Biden won by 15 points.” (AP). It seems that Joe Biden will become the new Jimmy Carter, the 39th US president (1977-1981).

America has nearly 334 million citizens and about 770,000 corona fatalities, which translates to 0,23% of its population. This national average of 0,23% represents two possible scenarios:
1. A population of about 95% symptomatic virus carriers with a low fatality risk of 0,24%; or
2. A population about 5% symptomatic virus carriers with a high fatality risk of about 5% (5% x 5% = 0,25%).

I think, feel and believe that (macro) scenario 2 is much more likely given the many (micro) horror stories.

Applying a 100% vaccine mandate, for the group of 5% symptomatic virus carriers in scenario 2, equals human stupidity. Voters may not be aware of this difference but they will feel this discrepancy too.

In my country, it’s a public secret that the majority of corona patients at the ICU are immigrants and refugees. Political correctness is preventing politicians to apply their policies to this high-risk group (eg, my recent Dutch blog). The entire population is subject to over-the-top anti-Covid measures designed for few people.

Isaac Newton‘s Third Law of Motion argues that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction“. Hence, reason will be answered by reason, while stupidity (eg, Trump) will be answered by stupidity (eg, Biden).

Actually, Newton’s 3rd law of motion may well explain one of my other concepts: the arrogance of Globalism and/or the liberal-left versus the ignorance of Nationalism and/or the conservative right. Please see my blogs on arrogance vs ignorance. Life, Nature and the Universe are all about balance & symmetry.

The above is also an example of the migration from dualism (ie, Knowledge equals Power) to monism (ie, everything is subject to Power). In USA, knowledge is already subject to Power. Others are following.

“Knowledge is Power, Power is Power” Game of Thrones
IMDb, video, Wiki

Note: all markings (bold, italic, underlining) by LO unless stated otherwise.


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