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The law of supply and demand

Last Sunday evening, I suddenly wondered about the law of supply and demand. Also see my blog of Tuesday. Supply will create demand. Demand will result in supply. Once demand and supply reach an equilibrium, a market price emerges. Does this phenomenon extend to the Space and Time dimensions?

From an individual’s (ie, micro) perspective, a supply of time (eg, a brand new day) will result in a demand for time. Likewise, a supply of space (eg, new building plots for sale) will result in a demand for space. And vice versa. Is this a universal law that also includes the Universe??

All lifeforms have to deal with the law of supply and demand (eg, food, oxygen, sunlight, water) in order to delay / prevent extinction. Without supply, extinction will commence. Hence, it looks like one of the laws of nature (eg, eat or be eaten, love each other or perish).

It’s tempting to argue that a universal law on planet Earth might also qualify as a fundamental (physical) law in the Universe. Time is, however, a human concept, invented – at least 5,500 years ago – by the Sumerians (eg, Live Science, Medium, my 2016 blog). Moreover, space travel would (probably) make human time references meaningless (eg, time dilation, 2014 film Interstellar).

Scientists claim that the Universe expands (ie, increasing supply). They also claim that the Universe is showing new constellations (ie, increasing demand). Time might be the equilibrium of (demand and supply in) Space.

I suppose that everything in Life, Nature and the Universe is governed by the law of supply and demand. Eternal Change may well be its (visual) result. Our notion of Control may be nothing more than our attempts to maintain an equilibrium. Lack of Control, loneliness, and a burnout might be symptoms of a vacuum.

In order to illustrate the above, please have a renewed look at my 2017-2020 diagram below. Our notion of time is dependent on the pace of change in our lives (eg, fast vs slow). Time might then indeed be an equilibrium of Space (eg, the pace of change in demand and supply of space).

Dream On Dreamer (1994) by The Brand New Heavies
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Dream on dreamer life gets in your way

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