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What constitutes a zero-sum game?

Recently, I wondered whether relationships are part of a zero-sum game, in which one wins (+1) and the other one loses (-1). The sum of -1 +1 equals zero. In my case, I’m inclined to view my relationships as a losing game. Nevertheless, Love should constitute as a win-win. When in love, both people would normally feel more happy and satisfied.

If Love is an exception then would the Knowledge dimension be an exception too? It seems highly unlikely that the Power dimension of the 7 Belief systems would ever qualify. In the Power dimension, the proverb one man’s loss is another man’s gain applies. Together, these 3 dimensions equal the triangle of Love, Knowledge & Power – a.k.a. trialism.

There are two primal ways of (human) interaction in life and nature: cooperation versus competition (my blogs).

Often, Knowledge is about cooperation and sharing knowledge because sharing creates synergy. In mathematical terms: +1 +0 = +1. Hence, there’s synergy (+1) rather than a zero-sum (0). However, withholding knowledge is a competitive deed rooted in gaining or maintaining power.

Often Power includes both elements: competition (vs enemies) and cooperation (with allies). It appears that the cooperation element would be subordinated to the competition element. However, it could be argued that a defence alliance like NATO is predominantly rooted in cooperation between allies in order to express deterrence (eg, competition) to its adversaries.

Often, Love is about cooperation and sharing. While rewriting this entire blog, I was suddenly reminded of a 2006 Amy Winehouse song (see below). She argues that love is a losing game. In those cases, Love creates negative synergy because everyone loses (ie, -1 -1 = -2). Perhaps, I should learn from this person’s advice.

“In order to understand the sentiment behind Amy Winehouse’s “Love Is A Losing Game” , think of gambling for instance. Yes, at first you may come out on top. But the game in and of itself is designed for players to lose, and at some point you definitely will. And that pretty much sums up how Amy Winehouse felt about romance.”

Love Is a Losing Game (2006) by Amy Winehouse
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