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Obedience to authority: respect vs Power

“Bosses have power over their workers, parents have power over their children, and, more generally, we can say that those in authority have power over their subordinates. In short, power refers to the process of social influence itself—those who have power are those who are most able to influence others.” (a quote from Obedience, Power, and Leadership).

Power needs to be accepted in any society and/or organisation, else there will be an increasing number of subversive activities. The macro perspective on this acceptance of Power is called (public) respect (my blogs). The micro perspective is accepting to work for a boss and getting paid to do your job (eg, the Police). Any (labour) strike is considered a subversive activity.

People working for government departments like Defense or Police are people who like the idea of Law & Order. Hence, these organisations are in favour by people with conservative-right beliefs. The exception are the managers in these departments, who were recruited from liberal-left universities.

In Chicago, this is resulting in a clash between the Police and the Mayor (Dem) over a vaccine mandate (eg, WaPo). Remarkably, the police union is supporting the police officers. In many countries, labour unions are supporting governments and ignoring / neglecting the workers they are supposed to represent.

A few days ago, a judge ruled that the State of New York must accept religious exemptions to its vaccine mandate (USA Today). Hence, several media have already reported that “as COVID-19 vaccine mandates rise, religious exemptions grow” (eg, AP).

The disobedience above is showing a disrespect to authority (macro), followed by a record surge in individual American workers quitting their jobs (micro). Other example: NR-25 October.

In my view, a 100% vaccine mandate for a group of about 5% symptomatic virus carriers with an about 5% individual mortality risk equals human stupidity. Hence, the many subversive activities worldwide.

I’m worried that the vast arrogance by the liberal-left will result in a surge of the ignorant conservative-right (eg, Trump-2024). Moreover, there’s an old saying: the cure is worse than the disease. Regarding Covid-19, at least at a macro level (eg, poverty, starvation), and perhaps even at a micro level (eg, side effects).

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