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BoJo’s levelling up the UK: needs, wants & beliefs

I’m intrigued by the British PM’s determination to “level up” the UK. Ultimately, it might just be another one of his pranks but let’s suppose that it’s not. Is it even possible to level up a nation or a society? Yes, it is indeed as China has shown. However, Western democracies are facing elections without a fixed outcome.

In my view, his belief in levelling up society indeed matches the needs in the UK. It’s doubtful, however, if people want this levelling up given the “adjustments” (eg, empty shelves in supermarkets, empty gas stations, labour shortages in hospitals and transport, etc.). Also see my blogs on Needs, Wants & Beliefs.

The duration of such a “levelling-up” effort may probably take decades, and would normally prevent any elected politician from pursuing it. Hence, his pursuit may hide a hidden and much more serious agenda (or -alternatively – a prank; especially when things would eventually go sour for him).

It’s remarkable that UK opposition parties still have no answer to BoJo’s popularity. His version of nationalism (eg, Brexit) may (thus) eventually translate into another political model than the current one. Levelling up a nation or society would require political powers that are (way) beyond a parliamentary democracy.

Companies are getting blamed for the “adjustments”, which is a rather bold and daring move for a Conservative party that once favoured Business over Labour. Obviously, companies cannot vote in elections. Rising wages are bound to cause consumer price inflation. Perhaps, price regulation is not far away.

Hence, UK companies are the new scapegoat and will see their profits erode, without any hard feelings from the general public (eg, bonuses, excessive board remuneration). Falling share prices will be considered collateral damage and can be easily avoided through front-running.

In a certain way, Boris Johnson is at war, just like the predecessors whom he admires most: Winston Churchill (against Germany) and Margaret Thatcher (against the trade unions). Any wartime PM is likely to be popular, blame the enemy, and likely to amass additional powers.

Two Hearts Beat as One (1983) by U2
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I don’t know, I don’t know which side I’m on.
I don’t know my right from left or my right from wrong.
They say I’m a fool, they say I’m nothing
But if I’m a fool for you oh, that’s something.
Two hearts beat as one.
Two hearts beat as one.
Two hearts.

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