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Last Friday, I had an epiphany following my Dutch language blog of that day. I suddenly felt that there is a hidden trend in the development from tools to mechanization to automation to AI & robotics. It took me a while to digest that thought. Please find the resulting diagram below.

The meta dimensions of How-What-When-Where-Who-Why are used to verify if my thought is valid, which appears so. Essentially, we are creating an artificial copy of ourselves, humanoid sapiens, in order to make our life easier. Quite possibly, there’s an additional motivation in this day and age (eg, God-complex).

The How sub-dimensions of harder, better, faster and stronger have been borrowed from a 2001 Daft Punk song (video). To a large extent, these lyrics even (kind of) summarize this blog.

I’ve plotted tools in the first line of my diagram. For thousands – if not millions – of years, many human tools have been weapons, designed to make us stronger and/or to reduce our vulnerability (eg, clothes, shoes).

Mechanization (1800-1900) and Automation (1900-2000) are both designed to make us work (ie, body) and think (ie, mind) faster.

I think, feel and believe that better is the primary goal of robotics (2000-2100). Robotics improves (production) processes and/or reduces reliance on human workers (eg, absence, errors). Hence, it makes output better. The initial and/but secondary goal is faster because robots operate 24/7.

The hardest (sic!) part will be artificial intelligence. A century may not even be enough for completing that task. If technological accelerationism (my blogs) will persist, a 100 years might just be enough.

It seems that the Technological Revolution of 1800-2100 will result in humanoid sapiens (eg, new 2021 MIT initiative). This will cause economic obsolescence and – ultimately – technological obsolescence for homo sapiens. Hence, humanoid sapiens is likely to become the successor of homo sapiens.

Make It Easy on Yourself (1962) by The Walker Brothers (1965)
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