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On 29 February 2020, I got my 1st corona contamination after a lunch with my mother (now 86) and my son (now 23). Suddenly, a heavy fatigue came over me, which lasted for 2-3 weeks. Early March 2021, I got my 2nd contamination: again a sudden fatigue, less heavy than the first, and “only” for 1-2 weeks.

A February 2021 Dutch newspaper article confirmed my suspicions: a sudden heavy fatigue is a symptom of corona. Given the nature of my mild symptoms, I’m a asymptomatic virus carrier. The other group of symptomatic virus carriers does get sick, often severe, and runs a serious risk of dying (without a vaccine).

The distinction between asymptomatic and symptomatic is essential in the coronda debate but few people appear to be aware of it. Like the Dutch poet C. Buddingh’ (1918-1985) once stated: Input without facts results in opinions without relevance. (source)

The global population has some 95% asymptomatic corona virus carriers and some 5% symptomatic. That group of 5% has a (very) rough time: without a vaccine some 5% of that group of 5% symptomatic virus carriers will die. Any vaccine only prevents illness and does not prevent contamination (Reuters). Hence, the cumulative global fatality rates of 0,2% to 0,3% (ie, 5% x 5% = 0,25%).

Some people in the group of 95% asymptomatic virus carriers argue that corona is nothing special and similar to the cumulative effect of two severe flu years. Mathematically that is indeed correct. However, they fail to grasp that a flu has many (say: 95%) symptomatic virus carriers and a (very) low mortality rate. Corona has few (c.5%) symptomatic virus carriers and a high (c.5%) mortality rate.

Until now, I can only think of one (1) explanation: a very successful ( ! ) genetic modification of the related MERS-Cov virus. Possibly, that genetically modified virus escaped during the relocation of a BSL-4 lab. The ginormous legal liability necessitates utmost secrecy.

Setting policies is hard as no one carries the letter A or S on her/his forehead. Initially, it makes perfect sense to assume 95% symptomatic virus carriers. Ignoring progressive insight (ie, 5% is symptomatic) is weird. Hence, some people assume a conspiracy. I do not. In my view, this is about widespread stupidity.

On 8 June 2020, Maria van Kerkhove of the WHO stated that it’s very rare for asymptomatic virus carriers to spread the virus (video). Given the enormous consequences, she had to retract her words the next day (eg, Guardian). Why would any government consider a lockdown if 95% of the people do not spread the virus?

Our lack of knowledge about viruses (eg, ageing, origin) is the main cause for this widespread stupidity. According to our definitions, a virus is not even alive but “dead”. After thousands of years of hibernation (eg, in ice), it can contaminate a host the very next day. Some astrobiologists assume that viruses may be as old as our Universe, and use comets and meteorites to “travel” long distances.

The longer this stupidity lasts, the more difficult it is to change course – also given the vast legal implications (eg, mismanagement). Possibly, this is the reason for the continued double-down efforts (eg, mandates, passports). When everyone is worn out, they will announce that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Light at the End of the Tunnel (1995) by Keith Whitley (1954-1989)
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

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Note 2: this blog is a translation of yesterday’s Dutch language blog

Note 3: for an earlier blog on this topic, please see my 16 July blog: the asymptomatic Covid anomaly

Note 4: for an improved version of my 16 July diagram, please see my 27 August blog: a German U-turn


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