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The Truth about Conspiracy Theories (2)

I know several conspiracy thinkers and I know for a fact that they are not stupid. Also see my recent Psyche article and this 2021 Slate article: “Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories. They’re not stupid.” Still, they do believe in conspiracies. I do not believe in conspiracies and for very practical reasons: too many people involved, no secrecy. Why do some people still believe in conspiracy thinking?

I notice that such people have a different notion of Power than I do. They see powerful people forming powerful alliances (eg, Global Parliament of Mayors, Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation Economic Council on Planetary Health, World Economic Forum). In my view, these organizations are mostly about business and social networking and only indirectly about power.

In my view, Power resides in its supporting belief systems: Money, Politics, Religion (2015 version) and Data-Info, Money, Technology (2019 update). Money aligns with the winners, not the losers (Politics + Religion).

The 7 Belief systems (2015 version, 2019 update) are governed by the (eternal) Love, Knowledge & Power triangle. The focus of this triangle may, however, shift from all 3 (ie, trialism), to only 2 (ie, dualism), or just 1 (ie, monism). Currently, we are approaching monism, in which Power is leading (eg, China).

Given the above paragraph, including the migration from dualism to monism, it indeed makes sense that (more) people are believing in conspiracy theories about power. People do feel this migration from dualism to monism (eg, 2015 video “You Can Feel It” by Young Gun Silver Fox).

Probably, conspiracy thinkers fear Power. Slate-2021: “Conspiracy theories arise in the context of fear, anxiety, mistrust, uncertainty, and feelings of powerlessness.” Power threatens Freedom. Everything that is mandatory (eg, masks, social distancing, quarantine, vaccines) jeopardizes that notion of freedom. Hence, the many global demonstrations advocating for freedom.

The 2021 Slate article offers a good explanation why people believe in conspiracy thinking:

“For those who feel that everything is spinning out of control, a narrative that explains their feelings and encloses them within a safe community of believers comes as a soothing relief.”

Slate: “Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories. They’re not stupid.”

The quote above also explains why such people try to “convert” you to their beliefs. The bigger the community, the more powerful that community. Ultimately, everyone strives for advantage (my blogs) and Power.

Powerful People (1974) by Gino Vannelli
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Look at the powerful people
Stealing the sun from the day
Wish I could do something about it
When all I can do is to pray

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