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Knowledge and its self-imposed limitations

A recent Dutch Financial Times article featured an interview with British philosopher Anthony Grayling. The article’s title is a reply to a question by the interviewer: “Limitations to our knowledge? That’s an absurd question.” From a philosophical point of view, Mr. Grayling might be right although infinity may not exist. The interviewer may have referred to something else: the self-imposed limitations to our knowledge.

This thought occurred to me after writing my July 5 blog: We don’t know the things that we don’t know. My blog’s diagram showed the hurdles that we must take in order to arrive at “available Knowledge“.

Much to my surprise, the limitations to our conscious knowledge are mostly defined by the other three level of our consciousness, as well as by nurture (eg, education, upbringing). Please also see my 2017 blog: The 4 levels of Consciousness – an integrated framework. The aforementioned translates into this new diagram:

The above makes we wonder whether an Awakening (my blogs) may equal losing the self-imposed limitations to our conscious knowledge and tapping into the “available Knowledge”.

The known knowns block in the upper-left corner is quite comfortable for many of us. So, the big question is: How do you free your mind? It took me a severe burnout in 2013. I would not advise this road to anyone because it’s (very) dangerous to your mental wellbeing.

I suppose I’ve always been curious. In the late 1990’s, a former colleague asked me whether I was ever not thinking. It took me a while to digest (the impact of) the question. I smiled and said “No. I’m always thinking.” Despite 2,600+ published blogs, I’m still thinking. Probably, because there are no limitations anymore.

Thinking is output. Curiosity is the required input. In order to Free Your Mind, your mind needs more, like: trust your intuition, allow your imagination, lose your beliefs, rediscover believing, and trust but verify.

Free Your Mind (1992) by En Vogue
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Free your mind and the rest will follow
Be color blind, don’t be so shallow

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