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Is consciousness a dimension not limited by space and time?

Something weird just happened to me. I felt that something embarrassing would happen in the next few seconds and it indeed did. How should you label such an experience? Such a known unknown would imply intuition, one of the 4 levels within our consciousness (see my 2017 blog). Would this make intuition a short-term clairvoyance? What does such an event even imply? Is consciousness not limited by space and time and a dimension in and of itself?

Actually, I wasn’t even sure about what I had experienced. Apparently, others have similar experiences:
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The diagram below shows my perceived connection between Consciousness and the Space & Time dimensions:

At this moment, I have no clue if the X and Y axis of Consciousness should be renamed and – if so – into what. I do have some ideas, like Data-Info, the DIKW-model, or Energy vs Matter. The whole concept above is brand new to me. It might even be the beginning of another framework (my blogs).

The thought just occurred to me that consciousness may actually be a combination of the energy and matter composition of the Universe, being (dark) energy and (dark) matter. In my view, both energy and matter transcend the space and time dimensions and should/would thus constitute another dimension. Perhaps, energy could represent the X and matter could represent the Y axis, instead of consciousness.

Stream of Consciousness (2020) by Caroline Romano
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