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Why would the Universe be unlimited?

In our life, everything is limited in size. Why would the Universe then be unlimited? This thought occurred to me following a recent Nautilus article: Is the Universe Open-Ended? An alleged Albert Einstein quote reveals similar doubt: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Perhaps, there’s an exception to the above because the mathematical number Pi (ie, 22/7=3,14…….) might be unlimited. At least, scientists are still looking for the last digit in that fraction.

For one-cell organisms, their environment will appear unlimited. The same applies to multicellular organisms, including animals and plants. We might be the only species on this planet that has some (conscious) doubt regarding the notion of a limitless or unlimited Universe.

A 2020 Science Alert has an intriguing title: Study Maps The Odd Structural Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Universe. There are many articles that deal with the remarkable analogy between the human brain and the Universe. We know our brain is limited in size. Hence, why would the Universe be unlimited?

The mere fact that mathematicians our still looking for the last digit of Pi is telling. Implicitly, they do not believe that infinity exists. Probably, infinity is beyond human comprehension as everything in our lives is limited.

Our lives are governed by three dimensions: Love, Knowledge & Power (my blogs). When all three are equally important then we refer to trialism (my blogs). In case of Knowledge = Power, we refer to dualism (my blogs, Wiki). In cases where Power is leading (eg, China), we refer to monism (my blogs).

Power has the shortest duration of all as the death of a leader may end the hegemony of her/his reign. History shows plenty of examples.

Knowledge may survive many generations and/but may get lost for centuries or millennia. Example: the Hall of Records. American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted that we would find it again.

People claim that Love is transcendent because Love surpasses the dimensions space and time (my blogs). I agree. Does this transcendence make Love limitless and unlimited? Honestly, I doubt it.

If Love, Knowledge, Power and Time are limited then why would Space be unlimited?

No limit (1993) by 2 Unlimited
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