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The mix is far more important than the ingredients

Last Tuesday, I was fooling around with my Apple TV+ subscription. It features a soccer related comedy series called Ted Lasso. I was flabbergasted noticing its 8.7 rating in IMDb, which is already very high for a TV series and exceptionally high for a comedy. The mix in this series is superb while the ingredients are rather simple.

The same applies to the homicide detective series Harry Bosch on Amazon Prime Video (my blog). However, the opposite applies to the sci-fi-comedy-drama series Upload on Amazon: its ingredients are superb while the mix is rather disappointing despite its 8.0 ranking in IMDb.

The same phenomenon applies to job vacancies. Some candidates may be far superior in certain respects (eg, IQ) but ultimately it’s about the right mix of EQ, FQ, IQ and SQ (my recent blog). I still remember certain new colleagues with excellent academic achievements who failed as they lacked the necessary social skills for working in groups. Some were even full of themselves (eg, my blogs on arrogance vs ignorance).

My son (1998) is about to embark on a foreign tour to increase his future job prospects. He is worried that others might be more qualified (eg, IQ). I’m not worried at all about his prospects. He is one of those rare individuals who has an intriguing mix of EQ, FQ, IQ and SQ (my recent blog) as well as high dose of each ingredient. His Aries-Tiger zodiac underlines my assessment.

Some of my earlier blogs were focussed on the ingredient(s) while ignoring the mix. I recognize that now. There must be a mix for boosting its main ingredient. I’ve noticed that adding personal information for illustrating ingredients improves the mix. I’ll never forget Joan‘s words though: “No details, Leon, no details!”

Even in dating, the mix is far more important than the ingredients. Actually, my former girlfriend pushed me in accepting my current girlfriend. I was hesitant for the wrong reasons. She saw something that I did not. Moreover, my former girlfriend was pushed to accept the father of a co-worker as her new boyfriend. She and I are both very pleased with this outcome. Others see a mix more clearly than we do (my micro vs macro blogs).

“Mixing old wine with new wine is stupidity, but mixing old wisdom with new wisdom is maturity.” A quote from Wealth of Words by Amit Kalantri (b. 1988), an Indian author, professional magician and mentalist.

In the Mix (2019) by Mariah Carey

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