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The elephant in the room

14 May 2021


There’s an elephant in the room and we prefer not to mention its name: fear. We prefer blaming people for not willing to work after having received government support in order to survive (eg, National Review). My girlfriend is a doctor and meets people who don’t dare going back to work. I’m unwilling booking a vacation flight as I fear that airplanes could cause a high viral load

Fear paralyzes our decision-making. Creating fear is easy; containing fear is hard. Unfortunately, fear sells. Hence, (online) magazines, newspapers and social media are all trying to outperform each other when it comes to fear. Governments are using a meaningless and misleading yardstick (ie, the number of contaminations). No wonder that fear rules global societies

Recently, I called my general practitioner for waiving my scheduled vaccination. She asked me why. I replied that I’m asymptomatic. She immediately understood and said: “OK”. Nevertheless, most people do not seem to be aware what an asymptomatic virus carrier is: you do get contaminated, you do not get sick, and transferring the virus is ‘very rare’ (WHO). 

The majority of the global population is asymptomaticanother elephant in the room. The average Covid mortality rate would be up to 5% (1 in 20) when all people were symptomatic virus carriers. This would cause global corona fatalities up to 400 million (ie, 5% of about 8 billion). Today’s actual number of global deaths is slightly in excess of 3.3 million (source).

Hence, a (very) small group of symptomatic virus carriers has faced an excessive death toll. That group might be as small as 5% of the (global) population – or less. For 95+% of all people, the immune system works as it should. Example: 8 billion people x 5% average symptomatic x 2% average fatality rate is 8 million – rather than 3.3 million.

Obviously, the above is with hindsight and a symptomatic fatality rate of up to 5% (1 in 20) is still huge. The only way to contain fear is to be transparent about this. I doubt that will ever happen. It could make governments liable for misleading the public and for wrongful lockdowns.

Despite being an asymptomatic virus carrier, I’m far from eager taking a vacation flight. Why?? I might be wrong. Doubt and fear paralyze our decision-making.

“We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears.”. A quote by François de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), a “noted French moralist and author of maxims and memoirs”.

The Elephant song (1975) by Kandiah Kamalesvaran a.k.a. Kamahl
The Elephant Song 
Tell me said the elephant 
Tell me brothers if you can 
Why all the world is full of creatures 
Yet we grow in fear of man

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