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Here and Now

Last Thursday, I felt a little sad because I missed her presence. Allowing someone into your life has the downside that they will not always be around you. I was about to start blaming someone whose problems are keeping her away from me. Then I realised that my notion is absurd. I should stay in my Here & Now rather than a Now & There. Another dark side of empathy?

For decades, I lived in a Then & Here because I was focussed on realising my ambitions. That mindset prevented excess empathy. With hindsight, that may have been a blessing in disguise. 

The above gives rise to my diagram at the left. The four boxes are still blank as this concept is new to me. 

The above lines of thought may have occurred to me following an Aeon video by physicist Lee Smolin on that same day: Time is fundamental, space is emergent – why physicists are rethinking reality.

In our view, the space dimension refers to a specific geographical place. Hence, you cannot be in two places at the same time because speed does not (yet) allow for that. 

Nevertheless, our conscious mind can wander around into different geographical places other than our current physical one. Moreover, the human soul can travel during our sleep, according to ancient Sumerian religious beliefs. Hence, our consciousness (a.k.a. mind) – and our soul – do not have any spatial boundaries. Only our bodies do. See my blogs on Body, Mind & Soul.

The physical restrictions in Isaac Newton’s thinking (ie, ‘absolute space’ and ‘absolute time’) may have been derived from the physical restrictions of our bodies. Albert Einstein may have realised that such restrictions do not apply to our consciousness. Einstein combined Isaac Newton’s ‘absolute space’ and ‘absolute time’ into his ‘spacetime’ concept (Aeon). 

Our consciousness has the ability to travel faster than the speed of light and go “any time, any place, any where”. Moreover, our imagination can go to unknown times and/or unknown places that may or may not exist. Our bodies restrict us in time (eg, mortality) and in space (eg, speed). 

We should, however, be relieved that our bodies come with unique sensations (eg, smell, sound, taste, touch). Else, I would be thinking of a different place.

Thinking of a Place (2017) by The War on Drugs
And I’m thinking of a place 
And it feels so very real

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