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Divine intervention

Mahatma Gandhi once stated: “God has no religion“. I couldn’t agree more. The notion that there would be more than one deity is preposterous. I’m not sure that my omnism qualifies as being religious. I have faith though, lots of it. I believe there’s a force of Good and a force of Evil. Our consciousness and/or our Soul connect us to those forces. I believe we have a choice. 

It’s telling that scientists never found any culture or society without religious beliefs (eg, my 2017 blog, Nature, WaPo). The intriguing notion that ancient alien astronauts may represent those gods, is more of a confirmation than a denial of (global) societies having (had) religious beliefs. 

The arrival of prophets could be viewed as divine intervention (eg, Abraham, Zarathustra / Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad). Interestingly, the chain of prophets from Abraham to Jesus to Muhammad is predominantly of (black-headedSumerian origin (eg, my 2017 blog). 

The Sumerians built ziggurats that we now view as temples. Some scientists assume that the Etemenanki, a Sumerian ziggurat, might (also) be the Tower of Babel, as mentioned in the Bible. Originally, these ziggurats were “raised platforms” which “usually [had an] oval, rectangular or square” shape. This may suggest a very different purpose (eg, landing platform). 

An ancient Sumerian seal shows 12 objects in our solar system, of which the 12th still hasn’t been found. Since several years, the possible existence of planet X is no longer disputed by NASA. This missing planet is (probably) the origin of ancient alien astronaut theories (eg, Nibiru).

Some of the above was used as a storyline in the sci-fi series The Orville (#8.0 in IMDb, my 2019 blogvideo). The most important command in that series is: No first contact considering the potential cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact. Hence, the theories about ancient alien astronauts seem (too) farfetched given the “no first contact” rule.

At a micro level, I’ve experienced several instances of divine intervention. Some of these may be viewed as guardian angel moments. Others were clearly not. I’m hesitant to mention these as I’m not sure what the added value (to my readers) would be.

“Rationale still remains the greatest impediment to encountering God’s mysteries.” A quote from the 2016 novel The Dawn of Grace by Christian Hunt, an “inspirational novelist”.

Love Resurrection (1984) by Alison Moyet
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We all need a love resurrection
(just a little divine intervention)

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