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Serendipity vs synchronicity

Last week, someone mentioned the term synchronicity to me. She gave an example. I rebutted that her example feels like serendipity to me. She was unfamiliar with my term, while I was unaware of the meaning that Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung had given to hers.

The similarity and difference between serendipity and synchronicity are shown in this quote

“Synchronicity is a term originally coined by psychologist Carl Jung that refers to deeply meaningful coincidences which mysteriously occur in your life. When you experience synchronicity, you’ll have experiences that seem far too significant to be mere day-to-day serendipitous encounters.” (source)

Hence, the similarity is in encounters and the difference is in its meaning. I don’t really believe in coincidental encounters. I do believe in meaningful encounters. Most of the times, it feels that we meet people for a purpose: either they need us, or we need them, or we both need each other. Others have come to similar conclusion (eg, Madeline Sheehan quote, the Angel effect quote).

Moreover, I doubt that we have a 100% “free will”. More likely, it’s about 20%, which is adequate to give us the perception of a “free will”. The remaining 80% is a pre-destined will that emerges from our zodiac (eg, mine). Nevertheless, I do not believe that we live in a simulation (eg, Big Think). We live in a reality that might, however, mirror The Truman Show (#8.1 in IMDb).

It’s my (deepest) belief that we are here to help each other (ie, cooperation). That is our meaning, purpose or raison d’être. Also see my related blogs on competition vs cooperation. It’s intriguing that the oldest known name for a deity (ie, YHWH a.k.a. Yahweh) means exactly that: “I am here to help you”, at least according to the religion teacher at my high school.

Our “free will” determines our role: either we play for team Good or team Evil, or as bystanders watching that game. Also see my recent blog There are three kinds of people. Any game usually draws more spectators than players.

One thing I’ve learned from the last decade: when you really need help then help is on its way.

Help is on its Way (1977) by the Little River Band

artists, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Hang on 

Help is on its way 

I’ll be there as fast as I can 

Hang on, a tiny voice did say 

From somewhere deep inside the inner man

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