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Can you not have a worldview, beliefs, or philosophy of life?

My worldview can be outlined following the 7 Belief systems: I have views on the economy, love philosophy, politics, religion, science and the truth. A specific view is our philosophy of life (and death), which is often related to faith and religion but not necessarily the same (eg, hedonism). In my view, everyone must or should have a philosophy of life.

My economic, philosophical and political views are in balance (eg, conservative liberalism). My views on philosophy, religion and the truth are in balance (eg, deeds-words-intentions). I do not choose for dualism (ie, Knowledge vs Power) but for trialism (ie, Love, Knowledge & Power). My choices avoid drifting to the fringes and to extremism. I remain firmly in the middle.

I think, feel and believe that I would be lost without having a worldview, beliefs and a philosophy of life. That would feel like being on a ship, drifting at sea without an anchor or engine, with no direction and no purpose. My worldview gives me focus and perspective. My beliefs are anchors that make me stay grounded. My philosophy of life and death gives me serenity.

Given the importance of the above in my life, I tend to distrust people who claim that they have no worldview, beliefs, or philosophy of life. Actually, when I query this issue then it always appears that ‘none‘ should be viewed as ‘other‘ or ‘spiritual‘. I know of no instance in which ‘none‘ was indeed ‘none‘. This makes me wonder: is this topic something to be ashamed of?

The turmoil in global societies may suggest a ‘yes’. Nowadays, we seem unwilling to accept that death is inherent to life. We can create, extend, make, repair and shorten life. So, why should people still accept death?? 

Sometimes, people ask me about my views on reincarnation. It’s hard for me to believe in rebirth given ever-expanding human populations. Aside from that mathematical point of view, I have never had any recollection whatsoever of a ‘past life’. As far as I’m aware, there is only one life: here and now. Moreover, reincarnation and not accepting death are strange bedfellows

Life is often a “fountain of sorrow and fountain of light” (artistlyricsvideoWiki). Sumerian beliefs on the afterlife state that the (divine) Soul travels to a serene unknown destination after death. The (earthly) Spirit may need to wander around some time to make up for past wrongdoings, which feels somewhat similar to reincarnation. My worldview, beliefs, and philosophy of life are ultimately rooted in these ancient Sumerian beliefs.  

Sign of the Times (2017) by Harry Styles
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times 
Welcome to the final show 
Hope you’re wearing your best clothes 
You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky 
You look pretty good down here 
But you ain’t really good

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