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The common denominator

In several blogs, I have described myself as the common denominator when it comes to relationship failures. These reasons vary a lot but the common factor is me. I seem to be the “problem”. My mother (86) says I’m difficult; I prefer complex. The difference is in intentions. Often, difficult behaviour is on purpose. Complexity is a matter of character (eg, principles).

There could also be a different explanation for my relationship failures, like geography. I didn’t have these problems in the region where I come from. The local standards and values may well differ too much from the ones I’m used to. Hence, these recurring mismatches.

Apart from location (ie, space), time might be another explanation. I’m no longer in my 50’s. Perhaps, I’ve entered the grey-haired LX competition, without realising. 

Perhaps, it’s about being unemployed since 2013, without government welfare. Some women have the audacity and impertinence of asking me how I am surviving – in their first ever talk with a stranger. Nowadays, I offer to answer their question provided that they give me the PIN codeof their debit card. Then they are shocked by my impertinent question. Yeah, right!

Another stain might be my 2013 burn-out and subsequent depression (my blogs), which stain I would understand very well. I didn’t understand burn-outs until a former (and highly regarded) colleague got one. Then I already realised that it could happen to anyone, including me. 

Late 2019, I noticed that intelligence isn’t always appreciated; please see my blog You’re very intelligent, aren’t you? The need for a sapiosexual (see my 2015 blog) should thus be mutual

Something that just suddenly occurred to me, is worthwhile mentioning: I’m easily bored. People need to make me curious, else I lose my interest. There are little shades of grey/gray (ie, possibly maybes) in my life when it comes to love. 

“If you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls, but if you photograph them in colour you photograph their clothes.” A 1999 quote by Ted Grant (b.1929), a Canadian photojournalist.

Fade to Grey (1980) by Visage
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