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What more can I do?

For some time, there has been a question on my mind: what more can I do? My question has a micro and a macro perspective. Both perspectives feel very different. The micro perspective is rooted in despair; probably due to a lack of control. The macro perspective is about how to deliver more added value. To some extent, it’s also about control

The micro perspective is about some people to whom I want to reconnect, for years now. Last Saturday, one of them suddenly accepted my reaching out. She needs her friend back into her life. We have been talking for more than two hours already. Both of us are finally looking forward now. I was able to make her laugh, despite the misery she’s currently facing.

The macro perspective is about the allocation of my time. How can I increase my contribution to society? In 2013, I considered starting a political party. I wrote an op-ed in a Dutch newspaper: ZZP’ers zijn politieke factor van betekenis. Ultimately, I settled for this blog: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. At least, my blog is getting attention (eg, 724,000+ page views).

I’m not sure if there’s an answer to the question in my blog title. At least, I know that exercising control is not the answer. Often, control is an illusion, a notion. See my blogs on control; for example The fallacy of control.

I have come to realise that there is a moment (in time and space) for ideas, initiatives, intentions etc. You cannot control the recipient. The recipient needs to be ready. You can control your message but only to a limited extent. Your message may not be welcome, despite its intentions. Sender and recipient may be on different wavelengths for a long time (eg, due to emotions). 

Hope is not a solution. Nevertheless, not losing hope is helpful in achieving a solution. Losing hope and giving up on someone may well be worse for yourself than for the other. The other person is unaware of your changed intentions. However, you are very much aware of your change. Moreover, you need to be able to live with the consequences (eg, regret & remorse)

I’m slowly wondering if my question is rhetorical in nature and – worse – reverse psychology for looking for an excuse to do less. Not in my case though as my question is genuine. Avoiding regret and remorse is essential in my life (eg, my blog When is life worth living for?). 

What More Can I Do? (2019) by Jack Savoretti

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