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To block or not to block that is the question

While showering, I received a new idea: to block or not to block that is the question. I have blocked dozens of people in my phone. Most of them are scammers from abroad. A few of them, I know (well) though. I’m not proud of blocking them but it’s for my own peace of mind

Since about 2 weeks, I’ve been blocked by someone. I haven’t blocked her as there is no reason, in my view. Recently, she used my blog to communicate with me. However, I refuse having a private conversation on a public forum. I did answer her question though and found out that my assumption (of having been blocked by her) was indeed true.

Over time, I have blocked several people for emotional reasons and/but for a limited time. The few people who are still blocked are special. They have hurt me too much. I do no longer trust their words, deeds or intentions. In my view, they’re evil. For me, this is a fact; not an insult.

I agree with the title of a 2019 Medium article that “blocking people isn’t a great mental health solution“. There’s a weird tendency to temporarily unblock them in order to see if they’ve unblocked you too. There’s still some magnetism – or attraction – left. 

Another 2016 Medium article claims that this is “the generation of blocking and ghosting people“. In and of itself, this is true and/but only following the vast increase of technology. In my view, people did the same in the previous century but with different means.

For me, there’s no need for blocking people, unless they’re obnoxious. I use my writing for sorting out the stuff that is bugging me. Once I’ve written about it then it’s usually out-of-my-system. Not sorting out my stuff would block my mind for anything new.

I agree with this article on the “psychological strain behind blocking someone on social media“: 

“There are different ways to take out one’s emotions on someone. The most psychotic and immature method is to block that person on social media. It could happen suddenly or be a thought out process. Regardless of the reason, the end result is the same. That person is BLOCKED. Blocking should be used for people who are being perceived as threats, not for people who “hurt your feelings”.”

I Wish You Peace (1975) by Eagles, featuring Bernie Leadon

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I wish you peace when times are hard 

The light to guide you through the dark 

And when storms are high and your, your dreams are low 

I wish you the strength to let love grow on 

I wish you the strength to let love flow

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