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Thinking of a place

26 February 2021


Monday evening, I started watching an Owen Wilson film on Amazon Prime Video, called Bliss. I like watching Owen Wilson films. He’s funny. After some 10-15 minutes I stopped watching. The start of this film is boring and depressing. Usually, the start of a film is foretelling. Hence, the low 5.3 rating on IMDb, I presume.

Owen Wilson was sketching drawings of a place that he was thinking about. I can relate to that. I’m still thinking of a place, where I can spend the remainder of my years. 

I would love relocating to the Indian Ocean coast in Kenya (my blogs) or Tanzania. Unfortunately, my side effects to the anti-malaria drug Malarone will probably prevent that from happening. Another reason for not pursuing a visit to this beach paradise, is my fear for skin cancer. An “innocent” melanoma appeared on my skin in 2013, after two short visits to Kenya in 2012.

Many years ago, the island of Sicily was at the top of my list of places to retire. I’ve visited Sicily about five times. See my 2017 blog on those trips. I love it there. Nowadays, I’m thinking of that place again, and in particular of Forza d’Agro with its breathtaking views on the Mediterranean

I like watching the BBC series Death in Paradise (7.8 in IMDb). Each time, I picture myself living on the (fictional) Caribbean island of Saint Marie. In reality, filming is on Guadeloupe. I’m thinking of that place as it combines a slow life with good food and the occasional (mojito) cocktail.

A remote but still serious option is Havana, Cuba. Probably, my thinking of that place is too nostalgic (eg, Buena Vista Social Club). That same nostalgia may also apply to Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is another place I like thinking about.

Actually, it’s difficult thinking of only one place. I like mildly warm climates (eg, summers in Scandinavia and winters in southern Italy). My own country is a kind of hybrid version between these two. Dutch autumn and spring seasons are getting more and more pleasant each year.

Thinking of a place allows me to wander in my mind. It’s always beautiful there. Afterwards, reality usually takes a bite out of my daydreaming (eg, language, moving, buying real estate, taxes).

“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.” A quote from the 2016 novel Bossman by Vi Keeland, an American author.

Thinking of a Place (2017) by The War on Drugs
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