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Needs, Wants, Beliefs & Awakening (3)

Monday’s blog about Awakening vs Beliefs made me wonder (again) what an Awakening actually is. I may have avoided that issue. It’s (much) easier to say what it’s not. An Awakening has nothing to do with the American “woke” culture or ideology: “referring to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice”.

It’s the opposite, in fact, as an Awakening is about losing one’s beliefs and ideology, including the 7 Belief systems. Hence, an Awakening must be about pragmatism. Also see my recent blog: 

“Ideology equals ideological beliefs. Hence, pragmatism must then succeed the Beliefs stage in societies.” Source: Needs, Wants, Beliefs & Awakening (2).

I’m using the word awakening in a literal sense, similar as the 1990 film Awakenings (7.8 in IMDb) with Robert de Niro and Robin Williams. An Awakening is thus about waking up and seeing clearly. In this context, beliefs are like a fog in our mind.

An Awakening requires using doubt to our advantage. Doubt will make us question deeds, words and/or intentions (my blogs). In other words, doubt will make us think again, rather than just believe what we are being told. 

A collective Awakening is – quite likely – not in the interest of groups that hold powerful beliefs (eg, data/info, politics, religion, technology). The answer might be in Knowledge (eg, faith, philosophy, science), and in restoring the balance of Knowledge = Power – a.k.a. dualism. Restoring the triangle of Love, Knowledge & Power – a.k.a. trialism – may require centuries.

Doubt as a default mindset will not be easy because it will consume additional time and energy. Both have limited supplies in our lives. Hence, we tend to optimise both. In other words, believing requires less time and energy than thinking

I’m still in doubt if an Awakening could become a 4th collective development stage. So far, our collective life-altering moment (ie, virus pandemic) is very slowly creating a sense of pragmatism. Fear is making people stick to their ideological beliefs

Free Your Mind (1992) by En Vogue
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Free your mind and the rest will follow

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