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No More Fear of Dying

Several years ago, my then neighbour (1920) started complaining about her high age. I was curious why because she was still quite healthy in my view. She explained to me that most of her peers had already died. She was becoming the sole survivor of her generation. Living was no longer fun. She said she preferred death. Her remarks have never left me. 

My father (1932-1994) was more than 10 years younger than my neighbour. Still, he died almost 30 years ago, at the age of 61. This year, I’ll turn 61 years old. For several years, the thought of matching his age has been a weird reminder of my father’s early death. 

Nowadays, I have accepted that (my) death is an inevitable part of (my) life. I have no appetite for immortality. Before, death was a theoretical concept. My 2013 burnout and depression was a game changer due to my occasional suicidal thoughts. Divine intervention made me aware of its source. It’s probably the reason why I enjoy watching the Netflix series Lucifer.

The death of my long-time friend Joan (1962-2016) felt unfair to me. Why her and not me? Before her death, she requested me to continue my writing. I promised her. My writing indeed seems to be my raison d’être. To be clear: my writing is not my hobby, and certainly not my work. It’s my passion and feels like my purpose for still being around.

Death is coming closer and closer. In 1998, I was shocked losing my friend and colleague Victor (1959-1998) due to a car crash. Another friend had died in 2003, of which I only became aware in 2016. In the past several years, I have already lost several of my former colleagues. 

I believe in the Sumerian views on the afterlife. Essentially, humans (and other lifeforms?) consist of two components: the earthly Body and the divine Soul. Latter that enters our nostrils at birth like a breeze and departs our body as a last breath. After our demise, our consciousness (Mind) travels with our Soul because no information ever gets lost in the Universe

People’s near-death experiences (NDE) appear to confirm this (my) view. Their experiences include sight and emotions. The loss of bodily mass seems liberating. Another common NDE theme is that those people are no longer afraid of death. If they don’t then why do we?

(No More) Fear of Flying (1979) by Gary Brooker
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