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Exit strategy

In my view, an exit clause and/or strategy is the most important element in an agreement, a contract or in a certain situation (eg, Covid-19 exit strategy). However, it’s also an underestimated step despite that (marriage) contracts do end prematurely (eg, divorce). Outsourcing contracts may have the worst exit strategies as if people forgot to even think about it.

At the start of an agreement, a contract or a certain situation an exit clause and/or strategy is often deemed irrelevant as parties don’t even want to think about a future exit. Especially people in love will be reluctant to discuss a prenuptial agreement. Hence, (expensive) court cases will be needed for providing a solution for the break-up.

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell advised against a lockdown because any exit strategy would be very hard and would take very long (eg, the Times, Irish Times, Wiki). Other countries did enter a lockdown, without an underlying exit strategy, and now face the dilemma how to exit it (EuroNews). Fear often causes a freeze response. The above translates into this diagram (click to enlarge):

There are three types of exit scenarios: yes, no, and maybe.

Latter two scenarios create four kinds of responses: fight, flight, freeze and fawn (Wiki).

Psychology Today: “The fawn response involves immediately moving to try to please a person to avoid any conflict.” 

In my view, the fawn response is typical for the Netherlands: give businesses and individuals enough money to stop them from protesting. Usually, this works well.

However, it seems that the Dutch government forgot one group: young people are losing hope and migrated from a freeze to a fight response (eg, DW). 

(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) – 1987 – by Beastie Boys

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