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Love: body, mind and soul

About a week ago, I received an idea that was already trying to leave my mind while I was still considering it. Essentially, all types of Love are a combination of Body, Mind & Soul (my blogs). The ancient Greeks had at least six words for Love: agape (divine), eros (romantic), philautia (self-love), philia (friendship), storge (family), and xenia (hospitality to strangers). 

In that view, romantic love (ie, eros) is the perfect combination: physical attraction (body), friendship (mind), and being soulmates. This view explains why true love is so hard to find. True love has no spacetime restrictions. This explains its eternal and transcendental nature.

Friendship (ie, philia) is a combination of two out of three: Mind and Soul. The few friends that I have – rather than my many acquaintances – are indeed on that line of the triangle Body, Mind & Soul. Unlike Love, friendship has spacetime restrictions: out of sight, out of mind (phrases).

Self-love (ie, philautia) and its extreme version narcissism both appear to be a combination of Body and Soul. The lack of self-love often relates to a (flawed) view on the Body.

Other types of love relate to the Soul, like agape (divine), storge (family) and xenia (hospitality). 

These type of love are vulnerable as it’s not necessarily bilateral; it can be unilateral. Hence, there is a potential for getting hurt.

The above translates into a diagram (see left). 

There is some overlap with Love, Knowledge & Power (my blogs): 

  • Body = Power = monism (my blogs);
  • Mind = Knowledge;
  • Soul = Love. 

Also see my blogs on dualism (Knowledge vs Power) and trialism (Love, Knowledge & Power).

Body and Soul (1930) by Frank Sinatra (1949 version) 
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