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The redundancy of politics (2)

In many countries, the belief system Politics is fighting with other belief systems (eg, Data-Info a.k.a. Big Data, Money, Religion, Science, Technology a.k.a. Big Tech, and the Truth). I think, feel and believe that this fight is similar to its death-struggle. Politics cannot win this fight as it’s always divided and never united. If politics would be united then we wouldn’t call it politics.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is serving as a tipping point (my blogs) for a migration within the 7 Belief systems (ie, from its 2016 version to its 2019 version). This migration is threefold: from the Truth to Data-Info, from Religion to Faith, and from Politics to Technology. The 2019 version of the 7 Belief systems is already existing in China (eg, Social Credit System).

Moreover, the centrifugal force (see my blogs) within the belief system Politics has eroded its middle and strengthened its extremes, for several decades. Once in power, extremist political parties will blow up the remainder of this belief system and replace it with an (extreme) alternative (eg, authoritarianism, tyranny). The coronavirus is likely to tip the scales. Hence, tipping point.

Politics has a self-destructing nature. Initially, it represents people from all layers of society. Slowly, politics is providing a career for people, who are only interested in achieving and maintaining power. When ideology replaces pragmatism then a nation becomes doomed. China’s progress is the result of the reverse: from (communist) ideology to pragmatism.

USA still has a choice between divisive ideology, and a return to the pragmatism it once cherished (source). Currently, I expect a choice for the latter given (i) popularity of conservatism, nationalism and populism despite Trump’s erratic behaviour, and (ii) American resilience. Before, I expected a new Moscow on the Hudson (my blogs of 2015, 2019, 2019, 2019, 2020). 

As noted in last Friday’s blog, politics is about a choice in ideology (eg, labour vs conservatism, left vs right, globalism vs nationalism). Hence, the alternative to Politics will offer no choice (eg, China, Hong Kong). The truth will (ie, must) become irrelevant because people must adhere to government mandated information (eg, Taiwan is part of mainland China).

China knows very well that freedom to its people can only be restricted as long as prosperity is growing. Hence, its relentless focus on economic growth as well as its relentless oppression of any protests. Without prosperity, a cry for freedom (ie, choice) will erupt.

Cry Freedom (1996) by Dave Matthews Band

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