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Technology vs emotions

16 November 2020


Recently, it happened to me again: huge misunderstandings following a WhatsApp conversation. It’s difficult showing human emotions while using technology. Words become emotions once you hear, see, smell or taste them. In all other instances, (written) words remain words. Technology invented emoticons to bridge that gap with human emotions.

Dealing with human emotions is often difficult. Using technology in human communication prevents an unwanted confrontation. Nowadays, people provoke emotions while safely hiding behind technology (eg, Facebook posts). In the 1970’s, people in opposing groups provoked each other, while largely remaining invisible behind the backs of others. Nothing much has changed.

I was just called by a friend while finishing the above paragraphs. She likes calling and asked me how I am. I ducked her question by quickly changing the subject. I doubt she even realised that I deflected her question. This tactic is quite visible in chatting, but stealthy in a verbal conversation.

Humans are largely emotional creatures. Many people think that I’m all about ratio. The ones who really know me, would never think that. About a year ago, I met a woman who appeared to have (almost) no emotional intelligence. Our encounter became a (very) negative confrontation between ratio and emotion; see my 6 December 2019 blog: Hurt

My blogs contain words without emoticons. Yet, several people have said to me that my personal blogs are quite emotional. I suppose that some of my blog subjects are emotional while my (rational) choice of words enhances its emotional character. A quote by Persian philosopher Rumi (1207-1273): “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

Slowly, technology (ie, Artificially Intelligent robotics) is taking over human interaction. Some examples: companion robots (eg, my 2016 blog), domestic robotsrobotic pets, and even sex robots. Also see Michael Crichton‘s book, film and TV series Westworld and my 2016 blog.

I doubt that humans will ever become rational beings. Technology may never fully grasp human emotion. I think, feel and believe that the future belongs to humanoid sapiens (my blogs), a hybrid of human consciousness and technology (eg, 2015 film Chappie). 

Words (Between the Lines of Age) – 1972 – by Neil Young
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