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Suppose, just suppose………..

Suppose, just suppose, Donald Trump would have had some decency, instead of spreading so many falsehoods and being so vulgar. What would have happened on November 3?

I suppose that Trump would have been re-elected by now, instead of Joe Biden. After all, the voting differences in swing states are still rather marginal on a total of 160 million votes. This leaves me with a weird thought: despite Trump’s wildly erratic behaviour, he was almost re-elected. Few people seem to be willing to realise this. 

I agreed with the assessment of US liberal media that the 2020 US presidential election was never about Joe Biden’s political agenda, and was always a referendum on Trump himself (eg, his obnoxious character). In other words: while Joe Biden is gray, Trump carries a red flag. 

Remarkably, those same liberal media seem to have already forgotten their earlier assessment. Suddenly, Joe Biden’s win is now about the success of his political agenda. First and foremost, Joe Biden will aim at reversing 4 years of Trump policy (eg, executive orders). The 4 years of Trump were predominantly aimed at reversing 8 years of Obama policy.

Essentially, USA is far more Republican in character than I had assumed. The same principle applies to my country. Despite Dutch media always talking about a left-wing government, it will not happen. Our country is far more conservative than Dutch liberal media are willing to admit. It took me a long time to realise that this same conservative bias applies to other countries as well.

The fundamental reason is that people dislike Change. They like what they have and are afraid of losing it due to Change. Conservatism is in our genes and only ideology (ie, the 7 Belief systems) can change this. However, ideology is time bound and is likely to weaken when people grow older. I’ve never been pulled to the Left, mainly because my parents owned their business.

I’m glad Trump is out. He is an embarrassment to conservative ideology. I do recognise that he was able to create a unique and successful blend of conservatism, nationalism and populism. His personal shortcomings have put a temporary stop to that mix. A decent Republican presidential candidate, with a similar voting base, should easily win the 2024 US presidential election.

This is probably the earliest warning to American Liberals.

Just Suppose (2013) by Kris Kristofferson

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