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Mission, goals, strategy, tactics and operations of viruses

I think, feel and believe that a main reason for the widely differing micro versus macro perspectives on Covid-19 are the misconceptions on the role of viruses. The other reasons (eg, viral frequency, healthcare capacity) are derivatives of the main discussion. 

We know little to nothing about viruses. We don’t even know their ageing or origin. Some scientists suspect that viruses are at least as old as planet Earth, and possibly much longer. In latter case, viruses would be extraterrestrial. Astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe and his mentor, astronomer Fred Hoyle, came to a similar conclusion.

One of the great mysteries of Evolution and Life is the development of one-cell organisms (eg, bacteria) and then of multi-cell organisms (eg, animals, humans, plants, trees). Viruses do not belong in biology’s Tree of Life. Essentially, viruses are “dead” – until they find a host. Several biologists regard viruses as crucial in Evolution and Life, including the survival of the fittest

Our (mis)understanding on the role of viruses results in different micro and macro perspectives (my blogs). The micro perspective on viruses looks for a short-term solution that creates long-term damage (eg, economy, healthcare). The long-term solution for humans is cohabitation with viruses, while accepting and managing the consequences of viruses.

The Consequences of Falling (2001) by k.d. lang
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Are you breathing 
What I’m breathing? 
Are your wishes the same as mine 
Are you needing 
What I’m needing 
I’m waiting for a sign

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