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Evolution vs Revolution

Change is inevitable. This is one of the few certainties in life – apart from paying taxes (eg, VAT). You can either resist change or adapt. However, resisting Change is futile because it will drain your energy until you break (eg, burnout). Ultimately, everyone breaks under pressure.

Closed societies resist Change. However, their internal pressure is building (eg, protests). At some point, a closed society can no longer handle the pressure and revolutionary change will take place (eg, Belarus, Cuban RevolutionFrench Revolution). China is a closed society.

In open societies, certain groups typically embrace Change (eg, youth). Some of these changes become mainstream while others perish. Change is like Evolution in those open societies. Evolution shows that some changes are initially unsuccessful. It took multiple attempts before multicellular organisms became successful (eg, animals, humans, plants, trees).

Some media claim that a new Revolution is on its way (eg, the Great Reset, Trump’s coup d’état). It’s merely wishful thinking in my view. Even the mass protests in Venezuela did not result in a Revolution. The ultimate criterion for any Belief system is the willingness to sacrifice your life for a (greater) Cause. Most people prefer to cling to their lives.

There are indeed signs that indicate (imminent?) Change. I do not dispute these signs. I just see a different causality; please also see my blogs on cause-effect

In my view, we were already heading for a Vacuum (my blogs). The coronavirus gave the final push. We are now seeing various efforts to leave that vacuum. Some people misread these efforts for an imminent Revolution.

I don’t foresee a quick departure from the Vacuum as most governments have copied a failing coronavirus approach. 

Hence, I expect many more efforts for leaving the Vacuum. Some of these may – once again – suggest an imminent Revolution that will, however, not happen – and will not be televised.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (1971) by Gil Scott-Heron

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