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Everything becomes fluid under pressure, except for Love

On 16 August 2019, I published my blog: Under pressure, everything becomes fluid. Recently, I had an epiphany: except for Love. Many, if not all, deeds, words and intentions become fluid under enough pressure. The most common tool is money. I think, feel and believe that Love cannot be pressured into becoming fluid. In other words: you cannot make people love you.

A classic example is the 1988 book and 1993 film Indecent Proposal (rated 6 in IMDb). A handsome, rich man (Robert Redford) offers $ 1 million to a poor man (Woody Harrelson) to “borrow” his beautiful wife (Demi Moore) for one night. After a lot of discussion, the couple agrees. It turns out that both failed to oversee the consequences.

My concept of the 7 Belief systems has 3 domains: Love, Knowledge & Power (a.k.a. trialism). Of these 7 beliefs and 3 domains, 2 domains and 6 beliefs are selfish and 1 belief and domain is unselfish: Love. I think, feel and believe that the distinction selfish vs unselfish explains why everything becomes fluid under pressure, except for Love.

The link between selfish beliefs and money is rather obvious (eg, money is power, [money] can’t buy me love). What is the link between unselfishness and the reluctance to bend or break under pressure and becoming fluid?

I suppose the link is provided by one of my other concepts: Faith, Beliefs & Willpower. Willpower needs beliefs to become consistent. Beliefs are just temporary without faith in those beliefs. Faith in your beliefs is almost insurmountable, and especially money will (almost) never be convincing.

It’s hard to explain what faith – or conviction – is. To me, faith equals energy and our Soul is the source of an almost endless energy. An untainted Soul cannot be selfish. A corrupt soul is always selfish. Most people have a threshold that is either low (selfish) – or high (unselfish). In 1988, the price for a tainted soul was one million dollars; nowadays it would probably be US$ 1 billion.

Love is given to someone rather than taken from someone. This applies to all kinds of Love, like divine (agape), friends (philia), parental (storge), romantic (éros), the self (philautia), and strangers (xenia). Hence, Love is unselfish – by definition.

“Love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect.” Probably, an (anonymous) paraphrase of the original 2011 quote “Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect” by Demi Lovato (b. 1992), an American singer and actress.

I Can’t Make You Love Me (1991) by Bonnie Raitt
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