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Consciousness: everything follows Why (6)

“Despite centuries of analyses, definitions, explanations and debates by philosophers and scientists, consciousness remains puzzling and controversial []” (Wiki). Recently, I had an epiphany: you cannot explain what consciousness is until you know why it exists. Hence, a new blog in my series: Everything follows Why (my 2017 blogs: part 1, part 2, part 3part 4part 5).

So, why does consciousness (my blogs) exist? I think, feel and believe consciousness exists to prevent chaos (my blogs), adapt to Change (my blogs), and to maintain balance and symmetry (my blogs). In this view, the entire Universe must be conscious, including (dark) matter and (dark) energy. This view is called panpsychism, “one of the oldest philosophical theories” (Wiki).

Answering the why question enables me to answer the what question. I think, feel and believe that consciousness must be a network of energy and information, similar to a Wi-Fi network. Everyone (eg, life forms) and everything (eg, matter) is connected to that network.

The interface, linking-pin or On-Off switch with that network is our Soul (how question). Hence, everything must have a soul: animals, plants, rocks, trees. This ancient view is called animism. Wiki: “The animistic perspective is so widely held and inherent to most indigenous peoples that they often do not even have a word in their languages that corresponds to “animism” []”.

My view also corresponds with the scientific belief in quantum mechanics that no information in the Universe can be deleted or destroyed. My view also explains why creation and/or inspiration feels like borrowing from that network. All creative people have that borrowing feeling; see the 2009 TED Talk by author Elizabeth GilbertYour elusive creative genius (transcript, video). 

Before my 2013 burnout, I only felt the energy of this network. My 2013 burnout crushed my Beliefs (eg, Money). I felt a choice: repairing my old Self or building a new Self. I chose for latter. This choice resulted in a migration from Beliefs to an Awakening (my blogs), the individual stage following the collective development stages of Needs, Wants & Beliefs (my blogs).

After surviving my burnout, I’m conscious the network is sending me ideas and inspiration – besides energy. I have a choice in accepting though. I’ve always known that I like teaching others what I have learned myself (my blogs). My new role in the network fits like a glove. 

Cloud 9 (1987) by George Harrison

artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Have my love, it fits you like a glove 

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