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The redundancy of politics

 The centrifugal force in life and nature is – amongst others – responsible for the speed of Change, for polarisation, and also for eroding the middle in politics while strengthening fringe parties. In several countries, this force created bipartisan politics: Labour vs Conservatives, Nationalists vs Globalists, Democrats vs Republicans, and so on.

In multi-party systems, this centrifugal force is causing increasing difficulty in finding workable parliamentary majorities. Today, the Netherlands already needs four parties for a tiny majority. Belgium even holds the world record in not having a government (Wiki).

In both systems, political decisions often further increase polarisation, either by favouring the governing party, or by compromising to such an extent that no one is happy and that inertia is taking over. 

Polarization will make representative democracies feel obsolete and/or redundant. People (ie, voters) will demand an alternative. Businesses will also demand an alternative for politics following (i) its decoupling efforts (eg, Brexit, China), and (ii) its Covid-19 response and the disruption of business(es).

This observation seems consistent with the five regime types, as developed by Greek philosopher Plato in his manuscript Republic (c. 375 BC): Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny. Also see my 2018 blog: Plato’s 5 regime types.

Russia may fit Plato’s Timocracy or Oligarchy model, Europe and USA may fit the Democracy model, while China is – again – ahead of us in the Tyranny model. Wiki: “a tyrant is an absolute ruler who is unrestrained by law, or one who has usurped a legitimate ruler’s sovereignty.”

Nowadays, the belief system Politics is already irrelevant in China. China’s power is rooted in all 3 belief systems in the Power dimension of the 7 Belief systems, being Data/Info (ie, Big Data), Technology (ie, Big Tech), and Money (ie, Big Money = Big Data + Big Tech) – a.k.a. its Social Credit System. Also see my 2017 blog: China: from Hukou to Social Credit.

The redundancy and future irrelevancy of Politics as a belief system, may either take years or decades in our Western representative democracies.

Redundant (1998) by Green Day

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