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How long (will this be going on)

How Long (1975) by Ace ft. Paul Carrack on vocals

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How long has this been going on? 

Well, your friends with their fancy persuasion 

Don’t admit that it’s part of a scheme 

But I can’t help but have my suspicion 

‘Cause I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem

Governments all over the world are walking a tightrope between economics (eg, jobs) and individual freedom versus healthcare and patronizing their population. 

On top of that, increasing corona healthcare capacity implies reducing healthcare capacity for all other diseases, which will risk – and cost – more lives than are being saved.

Let’s also – please – not forget that the economy (eg, taxes) pays for our healthcare.

How long will this be going on??

That’s why I urge everyone taking a look at the Great Barrington Declaration (my blogWiki).


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