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Crime of the Century

In my country, the Netherlands, the Dutch government prioritized distributing face masks to hospitals rather than nursing homes, with the aforementioned disastrous result. For many months, the Dutch government claimed that face masks were unnecessary in nursing homes, while being aware of the rising death toll in nursing homes. Source: Dutch Financial Times

I suppose the same approach of prioritization was taken in other countries because it’s hard finding any other reason, apart from wilful negligence and/or infinite stupidity. Governments must know that (i) people over 80 have weaker immune systems, and that (ii) nursing homes create concentration risks (eg, viral load).

I would welcome a first legal case accusing governments of involuntary manslaughter on senior citizens (a.k.a. senicide / geronticide), although the “involuntary” part is getting more and more dubious over time.

Crime of the Century (1974) by Supertramp
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