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Why are single person households increasing?

All over the world, single person households are increasing (source). The Netherlands even projects that more than 41% of all households will be single households in 2030 (CBS). There are several ingredients for this trend (eg, higher incomes, urbanisation, rising female job participation) but a fundamental explanation is missing.

Simultaneously, there is an increase in online dating. Pew Research (2020): “Three-in-ten Americans have used a dating site or app; 12% have married or been in a committed relationship with someone they met through online dating”. NBC (2020): “One study estimated by 2040, 70 percent of people will be looking for love online []”. Hence, being and/or living alone is not the dream or goal of single households.

The above also applies to me. I’ve noticed many people are not interested in being and/or living together 24/7. Many people prefer a Living Apart Together (LAT) compromise, which is believed to prevent moving house, moving job, and/or losing friends. Nevertheless, I think, feel and believe that there is a fundamental reason for all of this.

Perhaps, it’s just as simple that we do not believe in (romantic) Love anymore. In 1976, Stevie Wonder came to a similar conclusion on the opening track of his album Songs in the Key of Life: Love’s in Need of Love Today.

When I developed my concept of the 7 Belief systems (2016 version, 2019 update), Love was the 7th and last one on my list (my 2015 blog). Actually, it should have been the first. Love is probably the oldest – and thus first – of all belief systems.

In several of my 2020 blogs, I’ve written about trialism, dualism and monism. Trialism is about the triangle of Love, Knowledge and Power. Dualism is about the (increasingly fragile) balance between (the Love for) Knowledge and (the Love for) Power. Monism is about Power in which everything else is subordinated, including Love and Knowledge.

In my recent blog, From Knowledge to Power – the 7 Belief systems in the age of monism, I pictured the Arrow of Time in relation to trialism, dualism and monism. Note LO: click on picture to enlarge it, or visit my recent blog.

Currently, we are in the process of migrating from dualism to monism. Countries like China are already “ahead” of us. Love has never been more “lost” than nowadays.

“I have serious news to pass on to everybody What I’m about to say Could mean the world’s disaster Could change your joy and laughter To tears and pain It’s that [Chorus] Love’s in need of love today”. Stevie Wonder.

Love’s in Need of Love Today (1976) by Stevie Wonder

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