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Randomness vs interconnectedness

Several weeks ago, I made a note for a new blog: does randomness even exist? The more I think of randomness, the less I believe that it exists. I believe in interconnectedness instead: everything is connected, even if we do not see it (yet), or do not understand it (yet). Over time, science fills in the remaining blank spots.

Climate change offers an interesting debate on interconnectedness vs randomness. Are melting polar caps, changing ocean circulation, a changing magnetic north pole, and extremely high temperatures in northeast Siberia events that are connected (and dependent), or random (and independent)?

I suppose that the belief system Religion is to “blame” for creating the notion of randomness. Religions do not believe in randomness, and often suggest that our lives are dependent on God’s will (eg, inshallah). The belief systems Science and Religion often have outspoken supporters. Hence, many scientists are atheists (eg, Pew Research-2009, Phys-2015).

In the distant past, many religious scholars were also scientists. This situation was similar in tribal times: “A medicine man or medicine woman is a traditional healer and spiritual leader who serves a community []” (Wiki). Note: italic markings in quote by LO.

Faith and Science both belong(ed) to the Knowledge domain of the 7 Belief systems. When Faith transferred into (man-made and institutionalized) Religion, dualism started between the Knowledge and Power domains.

Nowadays, we are witnessing a reversal: Religion out, Faith in, Science out, Tech in. The current Power domain of the 7 Belief systems is already visible in China: Data/Info, Money, Technology (incl. Science). Previously, it included the belief systems Money, Politics and Religion.

Atheist scientists needed their own story to believe in. Interconnectedness was not an option as that concept is probably too close to Religion. A human “free will” – rather than God’s will or inshallah – required a concept like randomness.

Proving that randomness exists is not easy. It may even be impossible, like Karl Popper‘s concept of the absolute truth (my 2019 blog). Proving the existence of interconnectedness is rather easy, albeit that cause and effect (my blogs) are sometimes being confused.

In my view, Religion and Science are like yin and yang (my 2015 blog). Hence, they complete each other. Together, they make a convincing explanation to the main questions in our lives: “The main focus of Science is about how, what and when; while Religion is about why, who and where“; an excerpt from my 2019 blog The 2-sided coin of Religion and Science.

The theoretical physicist Richard Feynman once stated: “Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.” Both faith and doubt are important in my life and I do not doubt my faith.

Random (1979) by Gary Numan

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