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Jim Croce is back and his name is Jon Sunde

17 August 2020


Several weeks ago, I heard a song that immediately reminded me of the late and great Jim Croce (1943-1973). I forgot memorizing his name, using Shazam for details, and/or looking for the playlists at Dutch NPO Radio 2. Yesterday evening, the station aired this song again: I don’t care to dance by Jon Edward (J.E.) Sunde.

Today, this song only has 12,000 hits on YouTube and 109 subscriptions, including me. I hope my blog will help boost his audience because this singer-songwriter deserves you hearing his voice. I’ve also added a famous Jim Croce song for the sake of comparison.

I Don’t Care to Dance (2020) by J.E. Sunde

Jon & Jason Sunde, Jon Sunde, lyrics, video, Wikipedia

Time in a Bottle (1973) by Jim Croce

artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

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