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Black Man in a White World

I am fortunate not being a black man in white America. Actually, I’m also glad not being a white man living in USA. At times, European (white) privileges have its advantages. Racism is deeply ingrained in any society. Racism is not always related to skin colour. Sometimes, it’s tribal (eg, Kikuyu versus other Kenyan tribes).

In many countries, racism is hidden below the surface. Not in America. Not in South Africa before the prison release of Nelson Mandela. In The Netherlands, my country, racism is also below the surface. You can feel it but you can’t touch it.

Quite often, racism is mixed with other -isms. Is the rejection of a job application of a black female rooted in racism, sexism, being underqualified, or a mix? And to what degree? 

As a white man, such reasons were usually simple: under- or overqualification. Today, issues like demographics and positive discrimination of women have added ageism and sexism

Black people often see themselves as victims following their recent history (eg, slavery). They forgot about their distant history. The black-headed Sumerian civilisation (c. 5000 BC – 1700 BC) was extremely rich, innovative and powerful. Famous Sumerian descendants are: Abraham, Moses, David and (black) Jesus (my blogs). The Black Panther film is less farfetched than people might assume.

For me, the real question is: why do black people view white people as superior?

Being in power and in control does not make white people superior. South Africa proved that. 

Identities (my blogs) and Belief systems (my blogs) are in our minds. If people treat you as inferior for decades then you are likely to believe that someday. That belief is an opinion (about yourself) and not a fact.

During my marriage, I was treated as an inferior man for many years and I almost believed her. A black (sic!) woman was able to make me believe in myself again as a (white) man. It took me ten years but finally I stood up for myself and divorced that (white) woman.

I support the George Floyd related protests as long as these are about standing up for justice and racial equality.

Black Man in a White World (2016) by Michael Kiwanuka

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