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Focus and perspective

Recently, I have added two new blog labels: Focus (my blogs) and Perspective (my blogs). The reason was that both words are becoming more common and more important in my writing. In my view, a perspective is a choice in our focus. Our focus is usually governed by dualism and rarely by trialism (my blogs).

Dualism is often represented by the two common dimensions in our life: Space and Time.

A focus on Space results in a micro perspective; a focus on Time in a macro perspective (my blogs).

A micro perspective zooms in on absolute events at a certain location (eg, sick people at an ICU or nursing homes).

A macro perspective is relative: it compares events in time (eg, 1918 Spanish flu versus 2019 COVID-19, excess mortality).

It’s important to realise that both perspectives are valid. However, many articles try to convince us that one perspective is (morally) better.

Similarly, my diagram above also highlights a different kind of focus: inward vs outward. An inward focus results in a choice for vulnerability (my blogs). Some people may prefer big or pompous egos. I usually refer to these perspectives as small versus big. These people are probably more familiar to us as introverts and extraverts (Wiki).

While writing this blog, I wondered what kind of focus might be situated in the upper left and bottom right corners. Provisionally, I have labeled these as ignorance versus arrogance (my blogs). My diagram now connects various of my blogs and/or concepts, which I did not anticipate at all.

“Life is about perspective and how you look at something… ultimately, you have to zoom out.” A quote by Whitney Wolfe Herd, an American entrepreneur.

Mother Focus (1975) by Focus

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