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Tipping point for belief systems Data and Technology

Following the coronavirus pandemic, several countries have introduced – or are considering introducing – massive public surveillance through our mobile phones (eg, BloombergBI, FoxNYT). This recent Science article summarizes it well: “Cellphone tracking could help stem the spread of coronavirus. Is privacy the price?”

I think, feel and believe that privacy is an overrated issue. Often the question is: why worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide? Anyone has something to hide. The real issue is about data ownership: who owns your data? If it’s not you then what compensation do you receive for someone else owning and using your data? Privacy implies giving no permission using your data.

For more information on data ownership versus privacy, please see my blogs:

– Big data, data ownership and data privacy (2015);

– Data ownership and PSD2 (2016);

– Big Tech (2) – from credit score to social credit score (2018);

– US and China tech giants look increasingly similar (FT) (2019).

My 2018 blogs predicted several paradigm shifts in the 7 Belief systems:

– the belief system Data/Info would replace the Truth (my 11 July 2018 blog);

– the belief system Technology would replace Politics (my 2018 blogs of 9 July and 10 July);

– the belief system Faith would replace Religion (my 2018 blogs of 9 July and 24 July).

These paradigm shifts in the 7 Belief systems are already visible in China, following the implementation of its Social Credit System (eg, my 2017 blog China: from Hukou to Social Credit).

It seems that the American and European governments are using the coronavirus pandemic to accelerate changes which they had already been contemplating, like EU accession talks, emergency laws Hungary, constitutional crisis Israel, southern European request for Eurobonds, and the 2020 US coronavirus bailout for privatizing profits and socializing losses.

The outlines of a new coupling are slowly emerging from the current chaos. The updated 7 Belief systems tell its story: Data/Info, Money and Technology (a.k.a. Big Tech) in the Power dimension, and Faith, Philosophy and Science in the Knowledge dimension. The 7th belief system and 3rd dimension Love completes trialism: Love-Knowledge-Power.

“The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.” A quote by American novelist Tom Clancy (1947-2013).

A New Beginning (Prelude) (1972) by The Four Seasons

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