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Ai No Corona

To date, the coronavirus has killed 3 Dutch men (ie, 86, 86, 82) and 1 woman (78). Women are much less likely to be hit by this virus, for reasons still unknown. Recently, I have been joking that this virus might be a divorced female with a vengeance. Considering the number of Trump’s divorces, his age, and his disbelief in the virus, something must be happening soon.

The very limited number of US coronavirus tests (eg, Atlantic-2020my recent blog) and its explanations are confusing. In my opinion, Trump’s disbelief in the virus is probably the most important (missing) explanation. Why order hundreds of thousands of coronavirus tests if the virus is a Democratic hoax? The mix of American arrogance and ignorance is astounding.

It’s important to understand that the corona fatality rate is being calculated by dividing the number of fatalities with the number of contaminated people. Hence, low virus testing in USA will give an artificially high US fatality rate. The extremely high testing in South Korea led to a low fatality rate of 0.6%, which is similar to the common flu (eg, BI-2020, SCMPStraits Times).

Within days or weeks, an American epidemic and panic is likely due to this toxic cocktail:

– the disbelief of the 45th US president in the coronavirus (eg, Democratic hoax);

low virus testing = high (artificial) fatality rate;

– high number of Americans without medical insurance (eg, no doctor or hospital visits);

– sickness in USA = no income (eg, no paid sick leave, why self-quarantaine?).

Such a panic may finally bring the global recession that several people, including me, have been waiting for to happen. All ingredients have been in place for some time: global climate change, globalism vs nationalism (eg, Brexit), US-China tradewars, locust swarm plagues in East Africa, and now – on top of all that – a coronavirus pandemic.

Perhaps, the most worrying thing is that Hope seems remote on a global scale. To some extent, these aforementioned events feel like a new episode of the biblical plagues of Egypt.

Another worry (of mine) is that these events coincide with the “intersection of four long-term cycles”. The 2008 diagram on the left is by Charles Hugh Smith (BI-2011).

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 Ai No Corrida (1981 cover and Virus Mix) by Quincy Jones

1980 original by Chaz Jankel

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