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Murphy’s Law

17 February 2020


You always assume that things cannot get worse. Wrong. On some days, things can and will get worse. This phenomenon is called Murphy’s Law. Since last Saturday, I can only think about the day before Saturday – Valentine’s Day. The events are still occupying my mind and are “blocking” my other thoughts. My solution is writing about it.

I had told some people about the events as described in my recent blog My not so funny Valentine. One friend pitied me and offered to visit me last Friday. I accepted her offer as I liked her and still do, despite last Friday’s events. She planned to take a bus to a nearby city, where I would pick her up with my car.

Latter did not work out well. My hybrid car has two batteries and the 12V battery to start the car was – once again – near empty. I had not anticipated that although the “little voice” in my head had already been worried. The previous time, I had not used my car for 7 weeks. This time less than 4 weeks. I called the alarm service and started waiting.

After waiting for almost 2 hours, I decided to call the alarm service again. Obviously, they were very surprised to hear my complaint. After making a phone call to their car breakdown & recovery company, it appeared that my ticket had not been processed. I was promised help within 30 minutes. After 45 minutes, they arrived during my 3rd call to the alarm service.

Three hours later than scheduled, I arrived at the location of my friend. She tried cheering me up, given the looks on my face. Cheering me up works the opposite way – in my case. It keeps reminding me of (my) failures. I just need time and silence for processing my acceptance of such setbacks. That car ride was a peculiar one.

That evening, we had a nice dinner in a local pub. She complained about the fact that part of my main course had been burned. I just put those small parts aside and enjoyed my meal. I had no appetite for returning my meal to the kitchen as she would have done and had asked me to do.

The next morning, I found her sitting in my living room at 8 AM. She had been up since 4:30 AM as she had been unable to sleep. She said she was cold because my living room had been at 17+ degrees Celsius. Indeed, the heating is programmed to start at 8 AM.

I proposed to bring her back home, after showering first. She accepted – to my relief. We have talked a bit since. She has accepted and moved on while I’m still processing my feelings of disappointment. I still like her as a friend, although I dislike her appetite for complaining, cursing and smoking. Fate couldn’t have put two more different persons together.

Disappointment (1994) by The Cranberries

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