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Decoupling: nano, micro, macro and meta (3)

Several days ago, I suddenly realised that a burn-out is another example of decoupling (of beliefs) at a micro level. A burn-out feels like a chaotic vacuum. Once you survive a burn-out, a coupling (of new beliefs) will start. As a result, the person who once had a devastating burn-out, is able to “grow” to a new equilibrium. Please see my recent Under Pressure blog.

At a nano level, the process of cell division in lifeforms following fertilization, is another example of decoupling and coupling, with (exponential) growth as as result. The human engineering of such processes is yet another example of decoupling and coupling:

  1. Quanta Magazine, 2020: Unscrambled Eggs: Self-Organization Restores Cells’ Order;
  2. Guardian, 2020: Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots. Also see CNETLiveScience, ScienceDaily;
  3. ScienceAlert, 2020: China Quietly Confirms a Third CRISPR-Edited Baby Has Been Born.

A recent Dutch interview with Ingo Piepers, former officer at the Royal Dutch Marine Corps, gave another example of decoupling and coupling (at a macro level) in systemic wars:

“The weird thing is, according to Piepers, that every cycle runs exactly the same: first you see a period of wars that are only focused on keeping the newly created international order. A turning point arises somewhere half this cycle. Then war waging reduces while international tensions are increasing. That period shows international political discontent, the rise of nationalism and extremism, and an increase in violence due to terrorism. Ultimately a global war releases tensions and brings a new order, restores balance in society, and brings back peace.” Note: Dutch to English translation by LO.

At a meta level, the post Big Bang events – if proven correct – are quite similar to cell division in lifeforms at a nano level: the merger of an egg cell and sperm cell into one cell (1+1=1) and the subsequent “explosion” and exponential expansion. When we would (be able to) turn back time to “t=0” then our Universe would also show an explosion and an exponential expansion. This might even answer the question of what predates the Big Bang: a merger of some kind.

Financial Times, 20 December 2019: “Decoupling (present participle) a situation in which two or more activities are separated or do not develop in the same way If the past 40 years were characterised by globalisation, the interconnection of economies across borders, the next 40 may well be all about “decoupling”. The disintegration of the relationship between the US and China might be looked back on as the most important economic event of our times.”

The Big Bang Theory Song (2007) by Barenaked Ladies 

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