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Decoupling – a micro perspective (2)

Last night, I had an epiphany. I was trying to find answers why a certain interest in me is shifting towards – let’s say – nonconformism. I realised this interest had been shifting for several – if not many – years. I never accepted that change and continued to suppress it – with mixed and worsening results. I felt more and more inside a vacuum, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, I realised that the above is a micro perspective on decoupling (my recent blog). Hence, the epiphany.

I know which kind of coupling would appear if I resist fighting the change inside me.

The previous sentence would imply that coupling on a macro perspective can also be predicted: which changes are being resisted?

An obvious answer is climate change.

A new coupling will cause new resistance – both on a micro and a macro level. Hence, new chaos in my mind and in society.

On a macro level, climate transition costs will be massive, for both citizens and companies (eg, CDP-2019, Forbes-2019IMF-2019Medium-2019, Reuters-2019). On a micro level, my costs will not be financial but – probably – emotional.

The Chaos between Vacuum and Coupling (see diagram above) is nothing more than a (massive) struggle for acceptance. The Chaos between Decoupling and Vacuum is about non-acceptance (of Change). Sooner or later, Change (the eternal force) always wins.

The intensity of non-acceptance – or resistance – defines whether Change – at a macro level – results in evolution or a revolution.

At a micro level, I expect continued evolution. Over the years, I have accepted some small changes, albeit step by step. My decoupling isn’t final yet. There’s still some resistance. I’m not even sure if I need, want or believe in the next stage (ie, coupling). However, continuing living in my vacuum is not an option to me because it’s “driving me mad, making me crazy”.

Jungle Love (1977) by the Steve Miller Band

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Jungle love, it’s driving me mad

It’s making me crazy, crazy

Jungle love, it’s driving me mad

It’s making me crazy

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