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Decoupling – a macro perspective

A December 21 FT article states that decoupling reflects 2019 in one word. I agree. Mid March 2018, I started writing about decoupling: Unilever: decoupling of business and UK politics. On December 20, another important example of decoupling took place: between the judicial branch and the executivelegislative branches of Dutch government (eg, Dutch News).

The Dutch Supreme Court verdict on the Urgenda climate case, made me wonder even more about the nature of decoupling.

After ample consideration, I think, feel and believe that coupling and decoupling are major phenomena within Change, the eternal force.

Hence, I have updated my diagram on Change. The decoupling that we are witnessing “today” is heading for a Vacuum.

A new period of coupling will start after having reached the Vacuum, until Change will find a new Equilibrium.

In the meantime, a period of Chaos will rule. However, Chaos is only the negative reciprocal of Change, the positive movement.

In the Dutch FT of December 18, a senior municipal legal scholar had stated that “the Urgenda verdict must be overruled [by the Dutch Supreme Court] for protecting the rule of law”, and in particular the separation of powers a.k.a. trias politica. I agree(d) with his opinion.

The Dutch Supreme Court verdict is more evidence of the end of Politics as a Belief system. My July 2018 blog had already announced a Paradigm shift in the belief system Politics. Also see my August 2019 blog on The 7 Belief systems – a 2019 update.

The decoupling between the 3 branches of government has two appearances. In countries like Poland, Russia, Turkey and USA, the executive branch is interfering in the appointments onto the judicial branch. In the Netherlands, the judicial branch is overruling the executive and legislative branch (ie, Government and Parliament). Both appearances (aim to) make the other side superfluous.

The decoupling of the separation of powers (a.k.a. trias politica) is creating a vacuum. This vacuum will allow for a (very) different kind of coupling than we are/were used to.

You Can Feel It (2015) by Young Gun Silver Fox

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It’s coming around again, change is in the air 

It doesn’t always need a name 

You don’t have to see it to know it’s there

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