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Boris’ binary choice: Leave EU or Remain in UK

17 December 2019


The outcome of the 2019 UK general election points to a binary choice: either leaving the EU or remaining in the UK. BoJo‘s victory is a pyrrhic one due to the electoral success of the Scottish National Party (SNP). I doubt BoJo dares breaking up the United Kingdom. Hence, the ultimate outcome might still be: staying in the EU for rescuing the UK.

The Labour leader came with a most pathetic public comment in the Guardian: “We won the argument, but I regret we didn’t convert that into a majority for change”.

The British elections had been, in the words of a Dutch correspondent, a choice between “the illusionist and the neo-marxist”. “Who will it be: the day-dreamer who thinks that Britain will rule the waves once again, or the nasty radical who only declares gibberish?” It’s amazing that non-English newspapers actually believed that Labour stood a chance.

Labour may have ample principles but BoJo has none. This implies that any outcome is still possible. Maintaining his own position will be the benchmark for any conflict. The SNP’s demand for a new Scottish referendum on leaving the UK is a major accident waiting to happen. Delaying that Scottish referendum may hurt more than agreeing to it. Why? The SNP might lose again.

Wiki: “The Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland fought dozens of battles with each other. They fought typically over land, and the Anglo-Scottish border frequently changed as a result. [] In 1603, England and Scotland were joined in a “personal union” [of the Crowns] when King James VI of Scotland succeeded to the throne of England as King James I. War between the two states largely ceased []”.

Queen Elizabeth‘s stance towards Brexit has been the subject of (many) rumours. Her 2016 public comment was both explained as pro Leave and pro Remain. A potential breakup of the union of the Crowns may result in a less ambivalent comment by Queen Elizabeth II

BoJo’s pragmatism – and/or lack of principles – may create a unique situation: a reversal on the 2016 Brexit referendum outcome and declaring himself a winner for saving the Crown and the UK.

In my view, the Brits understood the danger of electing a (very) principled man as their new PM, and voted strategically for someone who lacks any principles. A pivotal moment may have been Labour’s use of “leaked” UK-US trade documents “showing” that the NHS was “up for sale”. FT, 7 December 2019: “Russian operation believed to be ‘tied to’ leaked UK trade documents”.

“I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world”. A quote by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), an Irish poet and playwright.

Principles of Lust (1991) by Enigma

artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

The principles of lust are easy to understand…

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