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My identity (2): “You’re aimless”

In my long phone conversations with a Possibly Maybe, she claimed that I was “aimless”. I do not consider myself as being aimless. Hence, that remark might be an example of reverse psychology and projection onto others (my blogs). Nevertheless, I doubt it is. Occasionally, I do indeed wonder whether I should be doing more than just my daily writing.

I replied to her that my aim is helping others. In my view, that is the sole purpose of any lifeform (eg, my blogs on ants vs humans). In her view, my aim was not specific enough. She asked me what my writing specifically represents. I told her that her question is insignificant and irrelevant because my readers decide what my writing represents to them; not me.

Her questions may sound silly but are not. She has a doctoral degree in an extremely specialized field. It’s fair to say that she is an European expert, who has published books and articles. The main difference is in our writing: while I write on a macro and often meta level, she writes on a micro but probably on a nano level. Still, our readers will decide about our relevance, not us.

I asked a new friend whether she considered me as being without aim. She disagreed but added that lots of people will probably not understand my way of living. Not having a job is easily seen as being “aimless”. I can relate to her remark. In 2013, I learned the hard way that having a job can be worse than not having a job. Before my burnout, I would have ridiculed that thought.

Early 2016, I wrote the following blog: The meaning of Life = living a meaningful life. In general, I view our aim-meaning-purpose as follows:

  • Children: playing (which equals learning);
  • Junior adults: working, reproduction, teaching and learning;
  • Senior adults: working, teaching and learning.

Learning, playing, teaching and working are fundamental tasks in human lives. Some people are better at working, while others are better at learning and/or teaching. Most of us will use playing (eg, computer games) in order to distract ourselves and regain new focus.

I am fortunate that I do not need to work. Moreover, not working is my choice. Nowadays, I have different priorities in life: learning and teaching. However, not working also requires a new focus. In 2014, I discovered a new talent: writing. This year, I suddenly remembered some childhood aims: becoming an archaeologist and writing a book. I was pleased to recognise that my aim is true.

Alison (My Aim Is True) – 1977 – by Elvis Costello

artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2, Wiki-3

Alison, I know this world is killing you 

Oh, Alison, my aim is true

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