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First reality creates and then follows fantasy

There is a lot of (functional) resemblance and similarity between a whale and a submarine, a bird and an airplane, a duck or swan and a (Viking) boat, a mole and a tunnel boring machine. Even our houses could be viewed as (functional) derivatives of a bird’s nest, a bat’s or lion’s cave, a beaver’s dam, and a fox or rabbit hole. In other words: reality first creates and then follows fantasy.

In my recent blog, I assumed a 1-sided causality: reality follows fantasy. A 2017 Inc. article is also on that same track. Obviously, that notion creates a new problem: where does the input for fantasy then come from? I was tempted to argue something about collective consciousness but that idea seemed too farfetched (eg, duration of human evolution, other dimensions).

The R. Kelly 1996 hit song I believe I can fly is relevant in two ways: the human ambition to fly and the human belief to make that ambition come true. The word human has been added on purpose. Evolution shows 4 different developmental stages: Needs, Wants & Beliefs and Awakening. Humans seem to be the only species who have achieved all 4 stages (my 2016 blog).

The most curious human invention is the wheel: “The wheel is unique because, unlike other early human inventions [] it is not based on anything in nature” (ThoughtCo.-2019). Note LO: bold and italic emphasis in quote by me. The invention of the wheel is usually credited to the ancient Sumerian civilisation (my blogs), like so many other human inventions.

Smithsonian-2009: “As Michael LaBarbera—a professor of biology and anatomy at the University of Chicago—wrote in a 1983 issue of The American Naturalist, only bacterial flagella, dung beetles and tumbleweeds come close. And even they are “wheeled organisms” in the loosest use of the term, since they use rolling as a form of locomotion.” Also see Science ABC.

Another puzzling human invention is the Antikythera Mechanism, a bronze wheel that appears to represent an ancient astronomical calculator of more than 2,000 years old. Smithsonian-2014: “The eclipse prediction calendar, a dial on the back of the mechanism includes a solar eclipse that happened May 12, 205 B.C.” Hence, its current “dating” of 205 BC.

Some of our inventions will never get an answer because of 2 main scientific dogmas: (1) there was no (technologically) advanced human civilization before the Sumerian one, and (2) there has not been human contact with aliens. Hence, anything serious must have happened between 5000 BC and 2019 AD. Any proposed different dating often meets severe scientific criticism.

Obviously, human fantasy has allowed the existence of alien life and alien contact for many centuries. Today, reality appears to be following our alien fantasies very fast: Photos show evidence of life on Mars, Ohio entomologist claims (Phys, 19 Nov 2019), and I’m Convinced We Found Evidence of Life on Mars in the 1970s from Scientific American, 10 October 2019.

Men in Black (1997) by Will Smith
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