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The micro-macro conundrum (2)

Last week’s blog on the micro-macro conundrum had an open-end as I concluded that it “seems difficult to solve”. The humanitarian and the Greater Good perspective both feel valid. Nevertheless, it feels that a choice must be made between both perspectives. I decided making a diagram as “a picture is worth a thousand words“.

The diagram above adds a component which I didn’t even notice in part 1 of my blog: the Arrow of Time. The Arrow of Time appears irreversible, despite a recent claim by “researchers [having] returned the state of a quantum computer a fraction of a second into the past” (eg, Phys-2019).

An irreversible Arrow of Times implies that a macro state of affairs can never be returned to its micro original. That perceived implication has far-reaching consequences: there is no choice between a humanitarian and the Greater Good perspective. The choice must be made based on the macro state of affairs, as time is irreversible.

The above paragraph may explain why politicians generally opt for the 2nd Law of Intended Consequences and Unintentional Fallacies when dealing with an undesirable macro state of affairs.

My diagram above refers to my 5 July 2017 blog: Advantage vs Empathy. That blog ended with the following observation: “Our relentless efforts in gaining advantage (eg, Knowledge, Power), might be what really separates humans from anything else on this planet. []”

I think, feel and believe that I’ve solved my micro-macro conundrum, although it does not feel to my liking. Nothing escapes Time – until further scientific notice.

Nothing Escapes Time (2019) by Frank Ly

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